Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BEHOLD! The power of social media!

You are about to be amazed.  Really.  Well, I am, anyway.
Remember when I whined talked about having trouble finding the hateful 70s era harvest gold ceramic tile for my patio table?  Well after reporting that here, and posting to Twitter and Facebook, the Amazing Tonda came to my rescue.
She suggested I check my local ReStore, and being new to this area, I didn’t know of one.  So she went to hers and FOUND THEM!  I kid you not!  They are on their way as we speak!  My project is saved!!  (too dramatic?)
Anyway, just to keep it real, I should mention that I just looked online, and there is a ReStore about 20 miles away. 
But I’m just sure they don’t have them there, aren’t you?

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