Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting there…

The glass is done on the work in progress!  Yay!  That’s always a satisfying day (until I begin to think that now I have to grout it).  I do SO hate grouting.  You would think that since I do so much complaining about grouting, maybe I’d switch to ungrouted methods, wouldn’t you?  No.  I like the look of the grout – it can add so much (and even fix certain flaws).
2012-03-22 14.59.18
In fact, I’m counting on being able to fix a flaw in this piece with the grout.  I was happy with the way the shift from yellow glass to orange happened, but the orange to pinky purple is too abrupt.  I’m hoping that by extending the pinkish grout down into the orange, it will make that less jarring.  We shall see.  If it doesn’t, too bad.  There will be nothing else I can do about it since at this point I’m unwilling to rip out sections of glass.
And remember when I told you about the harvest gold ceramic tiles I needed, that The Amazing Tonda found for me?  They arrived yesterday, and so this weekend maybe I’ll get some real work done on that table. 


  1. Amazing background! I think the blends work, but I know how it is when something on your work is not quite what you wanted... I bet it looks really amazing in real life with the light playing off it!

  2. Thank you everyone! Fingers crossed that the grouting comes off without a hitch!



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