Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it possible?

Yes.  Maybe.

Not likely.

2012-03-08 17.07.55
The background for the current piece is taking much longer than normal.  I decided to give it a ‘pointillist’ look with very small pieces that shift from yellow/gold in the lower right corner to med/dark purple in the upper left.  So far I have 8 hrs in the background, and to finish I’m estimating another 24 – 30.  Although I’m not sure whether the shift to orange I started is happening satisfactorily.  It might be the photo that just isn’t doing it justice, but if not, it will require even longer to adjust it.
So can I finish and grout the background (the tree is already grouted) by March 16, the deadline for the next exhibit at Ciel Gallery?
2012-03-08 17.09.27

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