Monday, March 19, 2012

Magnolia Window

An artist friend, David Sandum, is coordinating an art benefit for a Crisis Center for abused women and children in Moss, Norway.  He sent out a call to artists requesting donations of postcard sized original art through Twitter, and although it is obviously a good cause, I didn’t respond because “I’m busy”.  But when he personally brought it to my attention and said “Would love to have u with us on this art project” and “I really like your work, so it would be an honor” I decided to stop and take a closer look at the project. 
As far as donations go, many of you already know that I don’t do a lot of them because a) there are so very many good causes out there that deserve the help, and b) artists are only allowed a tax deduction for the cost of the materials, not the fair market value of the work or even the time spent.  It’s really unfortunate that the tax laws aren’t more favorable to artists.
At any rate, this particular cause is one that is hard for me to bypass.  Especially because I read something in the news every day reminding me that there are a great many people out there who think women are of a different social status than men (have you seen the video of the Georgia State Rep. comparing women to barnyard animals?).  The more that attitude is circulated without reprisal, the more accepted it becomes in the collective unconscious, and the more prevalent abuse toward women will become. 
I’m not mentioning the above to start any sort of conversation.  This is just the explanation of why I felt compelled to participate even though the benefit is for a crisis center in Norway.  If they didn’t also have the problem, they wouldn’t need a crisis center. 
For this project I revisted a technique I used several years ago to produce a watercolor interpretation of a stained glass window.  This one is Magnolia Window, a detail from a window by Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Magnolia Window
© Lee Ann Petropoulos 2012
6” X 4”

And the one I painted years ago that made me want to do another:
© Lee Ann Petropoulos 2007
13.75” X 3.25”

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