Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another deadline, another failure. Sort of.

Four layers of glass on the right side of the sunflower, two on the left, and a graduated layer of thinset between them – hopefully this will translate into a flower that looks as if it’s turned slightly to the left.  We shall see, eh?
Looks confusing, because at this point it’s hard to tell where one petal ends and another begins.  But when it’s grouted that should clear up, and I think it will also make the layers more noticeable.  Also, there will be a few small petals that lean in toward the center here and there all the way around.
This will be the auction piece for the open house on May 10.  I had hoped to have this finished and grouted today so that tomorrow I could do the final cleaning and photograph it.  It was an arbitrary deadline, I guess.  It really doesn’t have to be done until May 2, but finishing it this early would have given me time to use the photo in promotions for the open house. Seems like this deadline thing has become a real problem for me.  Bummer.  At least this time I had sense enough to set myself a very early deadline so I would have a little breathing room. 
While I’m totally not on the subject, let me tell you how much I LOVE the new tiles I got from Maryland Mosaics.  They are recycled glass which makes my heart happy, and they are smooth as a baby’s butt and the colors are clear and rich.  Best part?  NO CRUMBLING.  Not even when my Lepponits needed to have the wheels turned.  The cuts are smooth and predictable.  I also got some similar tile from Mosaic Art Supply - in fact they may have gotten them from the same supplier they are so similar.  This mosaic is peppered with them.
Also, I need a patron to fill my studio with these little lovelies.  Who’s in?

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