Monday, May 14, 2012

This and that…

Grand Opening
Last Thursday’s Grand Opening Reception went really well – we had a wonderful turnout and lots of amazing food and wine (Monique went a little overboard! LOL). But as always happens when I have something big to prepare for, I spent the next three days dragging around fighting off some sort of bug. 
Virginia Black, a friend of mine from high school, was the high bidder on the Farmer’s Market mosaic – congratulations! Gives me the warm fuzzies to know that it is going to such a sweet person.

New Work
And now I’m on to something else. Unfortunately, my mind has already moved on to what I want to do after this one, so I’m having a bit of trouble focusing. This picture was taken a few days ago, and I have since completed the water underneath the damsel fly and grouted the wings in dark blue. The wings are made of tempered glass over silver leaf, the body, legs and eyes are sculpted from polymer clay. I’ll get a better pic up soon.

Other News
I’m very thrilled about an opportunity that came up last week.  I was contacted by Barbara Scofidio of NOA Jewelry, Fine Handcrafts & Gifts about placing my work in her galleries.  She has two locations, one in Concord, MA just outside of Boston and the other in Groton, MA (which will be moving closer to Boston soon, possibly even in town).  NOA was awarded 2012 Editor's Choice "Best Artisanal Gifts" by Yankee Magazine, so as you can imagine, I could hardly contain my excitement!  I will be heading to New England for my son’s wedding soon, so I will take some of my pieces up there to deliver.  Not sure exactly what’s going where yet (I will also change out what I have at Kalled Gallery in Wolfeboro, NH while I’m there).

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