Friday, June 8, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire

I lied.  I still don’t have a picture of the finished damsel fly mosaic.
However, I have lots of pictures of the current project!   *yay*
I got all the pieces of the clear glass shaped just the way I wanted them and laid them out on the wedi board.  Then I cut a piece of clear contact paper for each wing.  Peeling the back off the contact paper, I then stuck it to the wing to lift the pieces off in the same position.
After removing the wings, I then filled in the body of the bumblebee.
The undersides of the wings were then painted with Pebeo Vittrail glass paint in very thin washes.  I did this while they were still attached to the contact paper.  First I used a thin layer of pearl mixed with gold, then a thin layer of gold over the parts where the yellow of the bee’s body should show through, black where the black body shows, and a blue green where the background foliage shows through.  Here are the wings painted:
The spaces between will be grouted in black to represent the intricate veins of the wings.

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