Friday, June 15, 2012

Well isn’t that just ducky?

funny-duck-189102-530-398Unbelievable.  I seem to be in technological purgatory.  My hard drive on my computer was going so I took it in to have it replaced.  All my files and music and photos were salvageable.  I got it back late yesterday afternoon aaaand ……..
95% of my pictures are gone.
All the music, all the documents – still there, exactly where I left them.
But the only photos still on the computer are the ones I had uploaded directly from the camera to the temporary files that would eventually be deleted after the photos were edited or filed in permanent folders.
Now that’s a difficult enough situation for any artist, but this includes all my family photos, the ones taken at my son’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, the ones from my daughter’s visit, the older photos from the herb farm I used to own…….all of it.
I was given the old hard drive, so maybe I can take it back and the repairman can find them and reinstall.
The biggest kick in the teeth?  This computer is just over two years old, and this is the SECOND time I’ve had to replace the hard drive.
Screw you, Dell.

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