Monday, July 16, 2012

Bumbling along.


[Ha!  I promise I’ll stop with the silly bee titles.  Next time.]

I’m now into the part of the mosaic in progress where things can either turn out fantastic, or they can go horribly wrong.  I have the main elements done, and I’m satisfied with them.  Now…….

Step 1:  make an unholy mess….


The jar of red tiles in the front – some Mexican smalti I forgot I had!  They had been tucked away behind other jars.  Mexican smalti is definitely different from the Italian.  I’m hard pressed to explain why, but at least for the smalti that I have in my inventory – you could pour them out on a table and mix them up and I could pick out the Mexican smalti.

Step 2:  start sticking glass to the substrate willy nilly……


Not entirely willy nilly – I am again using the background to attempt a bokeh effect, so there will be spots or areas of color that blend into each other.

Step 3:  hold your breath….



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