Monday, July 9, 2012

I Bee Getting’ Back to Work

After two weeks away from the studio, I am ready to get back to work!  I had a visit from my mother last week, and a mystery illness the week before.  Now I’m looking forward to getting back on an even keel.
Here’s the work in progress at the current point:
I know – that’s a very sad degree of progress since the last entry.
Here’s a detail of the flower center at the bottom:
The center is comprised of peridot gem chips, yellow crystal tile and black glass rods stood on end pushed into the thinset.  I don’t think I’ll be able to grout over it because the peridot gem chips are so small, I think they would get loosened in the process.  Not sure yet what to do about that.  There will be two more flower centers done that way.
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  1. I just love your work thank you for sharing your process. What about tinting the thinset green and just leaving it that way without the grout.

  2. Hi Peggy! Actually, that would have been the easiest thing, and that's what I did on the dogwoods mosaic I completed a couple of years ago (see it here but I really don't get a color I'm happy with when I tint thinset. It doesn't seem to take color the same way grout does. It makes a duller shade and I want a bright yellow green.

    I may try grouting anyway and just make the grout a little thinner than I normally would so it will get in the crevices without as much force. Or possibly use an acrylic wash over the thinset (although that doesn't usually work as well on thinset as it does on grout, either). Jury is still out...

  3. Hi Leeann - love the yellows and the bee, looking forward to seeing the progress. Where will this be installed?

  4. Thanks Pam! This will be a framed piece - 17" H x 27" W



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