Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting my internet fix

Today will have to be a catch up day for all my online venues.  I’m finding it oppressive to have no internet access in the studio.  That was supposed to be part of the deal, but apparently it simply isn’t going to happen, since I have repeatedly asked about it and been met with a blank stare.  I realize it can be hard for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the computer or rely on internet connections to promote their work to grasp what a handicap this is.  It even makes replenishing supplies difficult since I can’t do it while looking at my inventory.  Incredibly frustrating!
At any rate, I have a photo of the recent progress on the bee mosaic, which I have decided will be titled JOY.  I am working on making the transition from foliage to sky and that is slowing me down.  I want to get a little sky peeking through the upper parts of the foliage without overdoing it and making it visually confusing.  That is so hard when working in the abstract!  I really have no idea what it will look like until it is down.
I’m also working today on my book a bit more, and beginning a Power Point presentation for a demonstration coming up September 25 at the Jonesborough Senior Center.  More on that soon!

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