Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Because you need a pretty picture.


Well aren’t I having a perfectly awful time keeping up with this blog? There are a number of things percolating that I don’t feel free to discuss here just yet, so I decided to find you some amazing art from other sources to share.  So here you go – Simon Bull, whose colors and forms astound me.   Check out his entire site, which is crammed full of luscious pictures – but be prepared to spend an afternoon browsing them.

Ode to Joy
Simon Bull

And an interesting point here – I started this blog as a way to keep an art journal.  I knew I wouldn’t write anything out by hand, or if I did I’d probably truncate it beyond usefulness because I’m lazy.  Typing is no effort, so I put it here.  I didn’t really promote it, I didn’t particularly care if anyone else read it, I was just trying to keep a record for my own use of what I had done, what worked, and what failed flamboyantly.  As a result, whatever was affecting my art could be recorded here.  Now……well, not so much. 
But here is something I can tell you now – my book will be ready soon!  I’m sending the proofs to the fabulous Kath Jones this week – she’s going to proofread it for me, give me a critique, and then it will be ready to go to print.  I’m really excited about this, I think you’ll like the collection of pieces, and the in-progress shots with backstory on the pieces.
Also, I have finished the mosaic of the bee, entitled Joy.  This piece is not for sale at the moment – I will be entering it in the Mosaic Arts International exhibit (the exhibit associated with the annual Society of American Mosaic Artists conference), so I’ll be waiting to hear whether it’s accepted before putting a price on it.  I have never entered before, because I always felt sure it would be a waste of my entry fee (which at $45 is just a little on the steep side).  This year I have decided to take the risk and hope for the best.  Wish me luck!

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