Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I think I am about to buy my last frame….

This is ridiculous.  I thought I would go ahead and order a frame for the piece I just started in the hopes that I can have it finished by the Fine Art in the Park festival Oct. 20-21 (probably not happening, knowing me).  It’s not a large frame  (6.5 x 18.5) but I always have to order them because I like the canvas floater frames (that don’t cover any of the sides of the piece) and I work in such weird sizes – no off the rack frames for me!  Anyway, my usual source seems to have discontinued the more affordable black metal canvas floater frame.  Checking the price on the wood one – $45 before shipping.  Now seriously, I think that’s a bit much.  Because I’m working on MDF I feel like this really needs a frame, so I guess I’ll spring for it, but I think I might be done with this.
From now on, I might only use Wedi for outdoor applications, and cradled birch panels for indoor.  That’s what I used on the one I just finished.  (By the way, I sold this one before it was even finished!)
Flaming June2
Flaming June
smalti and marble 12” x 12”
© 2012 Lee Ann Petropoulos
I used an extra deep cradled birch panel on this – it’s 2.5” deep – and I stained the sides ebony with the stain and sealer all in one by Minwax.  (The flash on the photo washed it out a bit – it’s darker than that in real life.)
side shot
I have used the 1.5” deep cradled panels before, and I think I actually prefer them, at least for a smaller piece like this one.  Although the panels are considerably more expensive than a piece of MDF of the same size, when you factor in a frame, the cradled panels are significantly less!
My only concern is the capability of the panels to support the weight of the mosaic without sagging in larger sizes.  I know the largest of the panels have braces underneath to reinforce them, but I don’t know at what size they start adding those, or if I’m safe up until that point.  I guess if I have a problem, I could add bracing myself.

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