Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A mood, a memory, a mystery.

What happened?  What day is it? 
This fall has gotten away from me.  I had plans to get quite a lot done in the studio before Christmas, but life intervened.
My youngest son, whom we have seen very little of in the last two years, spent the last couple of weeks of October with us.  It was fabulous – we showed him all around our area since he had never been here before, and soaked up every possible minute of our time with him, knowing that it might be a long time again before we had another chance. 
Then the first of November my mother had knee replacement surgery, and I spent 3 weeks in Indiana caring for her until she could handle things on her own. 
And of course, Thanksgiving food comas throw everyone off their game for a few days.
So today I was determined to get back into the studio and do at least something.
Being particularly unenthused with the project I had going before I left for Indiana, I put it aside and started a very small project.  I’m using a ceramic tile 8” x 8” as a substrate.  I really don’t like working that small, but that’s what I had on hand.
This one is inspired by The Wexford Carol, which is one of my favorites.  I had never heard of it until I bought the Winter Solstice Vol. 4 CD ever so long ago.  The version on that album is instrumental, and listening to it on quiet nights in front of the Christmas tree, I always imagine a walk through a snowy park.  See if you can picture it  (you’ll have to follow the link to watch it on YouTube, it won’t let me embed it) -
Listening to this song, I also remember the first time I realized that you can ‘hear’ snow fall; feeling as if the bare tree branches are reaching out to catch the snowflakes; the feeling of flying through a crisp night on ice skates at the pond across from my house where I grew up.  I remember the magic of the season, Christmas cookies galore, my kids on their absolute worst behavior of the whole year in the weeks before Christmas (I never could explain that).
Anyway, I found a few photos to inspire me:

My favorite – I love the misty look in the distance.  This one captures the mood and mystery of the song in my experience.

Love the fence and the beautifully dressed trees.

Park benches and street lights – not quite the mood, but still lovely.
I discovered that the white carrara marble, when riven, sparkles like snow.   How cool is that?  I’ll use a lot of that for the background, but of course I started with the trees:

There will be 3 more smaller ones set in the background.  I then plan to put in the snow with some blue and purple shading and a snowy looking grey/blue sky.

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