Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I’m not quite sure what this is…

It’s not the drawing for a new mosaic.  It’s more like an armature for a new mosaic.  Although that’s not quite it either, because that implies it will be a 3D, “in the round” sort of piece. 
blue rain armature
It will have a 3D aspect to it, though – raised sections, sluices and troughs, spikes and puddles.  This drawing is more of an “ideation”.  (No it isn’t – I hate that freakin’ psuedo-word).
This is the beginning of the abstract piece I mentioned on Facebook awhile back (are you connected with me there?  It’s not simply a duplication of my blog, I promise!).  I am so intimidated by abstracts – they are HARD!  Way harder than representational art, in my opinion.  At least when you want to represent something, you can find a reference photo (or two or twelve) to help you out.  Abstracts require you to pull the whole thing out of your brain, intact.  Well, maybe not fully formed, but even if in pieces, it all originates with the artist.
I am not a fan of “conceptual art”, finding most of it too self-aware and pretentious.  But this probably borders on the conceptual.  Maybe.  There is a rather complicated idea behind the design, anyway.
I’ll try to explain what the concept is as I go along.  That will probably make more sense than trying to explain not only the concept, but why the finished piece isn’t going to look like that drawing.
On the other hand, I should have probably just shut my mouth until I had a better construct to show you.
Carry on.

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