Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another doh! moment

Wow.  What a difficult thing it has been to get back to work in the studio after the holidays!  In part, because the two things that I have started are crap.  They might be saved, somehow, someday.  But as they stand I hate them.  Not hate….intensely dislike?  Whatever.
Today I started on a large project that I prepped ages ago.  In fact, I was trying to remember exactly how long it had been.  And I can’t.  That’s how long it was.  At least 2 years, maybe 2 1/2.
I have been staring at it crosswise for a couple of weeks now, trying to decide whether the time was ripe to give it a go.  I have been especially hesitant because of the two projects I mentioned above – gives the old confidence a kick in the ribs to have two projects going at once, and both of them rubbish.  So maybe I should wait?
I decided that maybe what I needed was to jump in.  So I end up with a third lemon, so what?  What’s one more?
Anyway, I placed a couple of orders, but I CAN’T WAIT.  I know I’ve told you many times that patience hates me.  So I started with what I had on hand.

Aaanndd…… dummy.  I should have waited, because I put some glass in that was definitely too dark.  That will have to come out and be replaced when the orders come in.  How old do you have to be to learn this damn lesson?!?

The photo I’m working from was taken several years ago in my gardens in New Hampshire.  I think it’s the coolest photo because I have no idea how the colors came out like they did.  This photo is unretouched:

These rudbeckias were in the shade of the house, but the sun was still high in the sky when I took the pic.  I have no idea why the green foliage turned out blue, but I loved it.  I used this as my logo for my garden design business Bellafiore Gardens.

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