Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, sh%&. Now what?

Poor planning.  It’s what I do best.  Some folks are excellent cooks, some are great doctors, some are awesome singers.  I am unparalleled at flying by the seat of my pants.
And most of the time, to be honest, it trips me up somewhere along the line.  And here we are.
I was so excited when I wrote my last blog post, remember?  Things were going even better than I had hoped – the flower centers looked exactly as I wanted them to.  I loved the way they sat up above the surface of the petals.  Well everything was rainbows and lollipops until now:
flower center detail 1

I can’t have the center of the flower behind that petal sticking up higher than the petal.  Check out the other photo again, you’ll see what I mean. 

Can I cut the glass rods as short as the smalti on the petal that overlaps?  If I do can I set them in there neatly?  I don’t know……..
My other option would be to either omit that flower, or redraw it in a different spot.  This decision is going to require a glass of wine.  Or two.  Possibly three.
At any rate, tomorrow is the last day I’ll work on it for awhile anyway.  I need to get crackin’ on the flower petal I was assigned for the mosaic mural designed by Lin Schorr – Unfurled.  That project has a deadline, and this one doesn’t.  I would like to finish that last flower (or not, if I decide to omit it) and add the flower centers to the remaining ones before I shelve it.  Here’s where I am so far:
Above and to the right of the center flower is a seedhead that will also have the black glass rod center.
UPDATE: It only took 1/2 a glass of wine (damn!) to make the determination – flower has been erased and will be redrawn just slightly further away. 

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