Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Only one challenge at a time, you say? Pfft.

I have started a new piece now that the petal is done for the Unfurled Mosaic Mural.  At 12” x 16” it’s not a very big piece, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to tackle some challenges in representing things that I have always been intimidated by.  Why did I have to put them all in the same piece, you ask?    ~shrug~    I dunno.
There are so many places where this could go wrong. 
Still life has never been something I was compelled to try.  Love to look at ones that are well done, but never felt like I had the eye for good composition…….challenge #1.
I have never tried to represent glassware…….challenge #2.
Oh what the hell, let’s throw in some fabric folds, shall we?……..challenge #3.
So I set up the still life with a piece of fabric, a glass of wine and a pear.  I considered that I might need a third object, but every attempt at working with three objects was awkward and unwieldy.  I decided I couldn’t handle three objects liked the two.
I had a table lamp on in the background and loved the look of the diffused light, particularly the hourglass shape that the shade threw on the wall.  I took two photos, one without flash because the light pattern was best that way, and one with, to be able to see the coloration of the pear. 
I will combine the two photos, but the background behind the wineglass will be abstracted, as in Morning Has Broken.  I obviously have to take some liberties with shadows and highlights since I’m working from two photos where that is more or less the only difference.  Here’s what I have so far:
The lighting is funky in the studio today for some reason.

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