Friday, January 31, 2014

Unfurled goes to Houston! (figuratively)

This social media thing is apparently too hard for me.
I try not to simply post exactly the same thing on every social media channel I have set up (here, Facebook, Twitter, Google+website) because I expect that there is a lot of cross over. Maybe I’m wrong, but at any rate, I try to mix it up a bit.
As it happens, that results in my sometimes forgetting to post about something on one channel, and sometimes it’s a big omission. Like this one!
Back in May, I posted about participating in Unfurled, a public mosaic mural in Charlotte, NC. I never mentioned it here again! Oops!
I finished my section of it last summer, and the whole thing was assembled and installed by a big list of amazing artists, and on January 18 there was a ribbon cutting and dedication of the finished mural. Here’s the super-slick publicity photo of the whole thing:
Design by Lin Schorr Mixed Media Mosaics, Project coordination by Pam Goode, Photography by Ashley Hayward

That’s my pink and yellow petal on the far left. This thing is huge – I think the dimensions are 8’ X 13’ if I remember correctly. You can see more photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony and the crazy artists involved on my Facebook page here.
And today, I got a notification that the lovely ladies in charge of this project had submitted Unfurled to the Mosaic Arts International exhibit (at the SAMA conference in Houston in April).
This is just the coolest thing ever for me! I have never submitted anything to this annual exhibit. I am SO NOT A GAMBLER, and to me, spending the money on the entry fee would seem like betting on an old nag to place in the Kentucky Derby.
But now I feel like I snuck in the back door when no one was looking! Whahoo!
~*~*~ happy dance ~*~*~

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