Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting over the hump

Sometimes when I have a frustrating issue within a mosaic I can walk away from it, or at least work on a different section for a bit, and when I come back I’ll know what to do to fix it.
But sometimes it nags the crap out of me, and won’t let me concentrate on anything else. I even end up dreaming about it. Then I know I have to just blast through it.
And that brings us to the goblin hand. When I drew the design, the grasping, reaching hand of the goblin peeking out from the marsh foliage was my favorite part of the whole thing. I loved the long, lanky, angular look of it.

I do remember thinking something along the lines of “You’ll never get that to work in glass.” Why? Because the entire hand is only 3/4” long.

Undaunted, I slapped this down, and thought, “Eh. Not so much, but I’ll look at it again tomorrow.”
fail 1
At which point I said “Told you so.”
Now it really wasn’t too far off, so I thought if I moved to another area, I could come back and just give it a tweak. I spent a couple of days working on the tree on the opposite side of the dragonfly, but I couldn’t concentrate, and couldn’t quite decide how to fix (or even really identify) what was bothering me about it.
Finally I decided it was because the piece I used for the hand was so small. I removed the hand and the fingers and started again with a bigger section for the hand.
fail 2

Oh, for cryin’ out loud! Now what’s wrong?
Duh. Dummy. I put five fingers on it this time instead of four. On top of that, I decided that the hand itself was going to have to extend through one of the fingers to make it look more realistic.
Try again.
fail 3

OK – that’s quite a bit better, but it’s still not exactly there.
The top finger needs to be more reaching, maybe a little longer …


There! Not 100% perfect, but much better. I think I had better leave it before I end up making it worse (as I did the first time I tried to fix it!)
And I think that I will actually go back a redo the arm, making it out of two pieces instead of four. Hopefully that will accentuate the lankiness.

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