Monday, February 17, 2014

I think I need an intervention.

I believe I mentioned that I am one of a group of local artists who have decided to get together once a month to discuss our goals, both artistic and business related, for support and networking.
I LOVE this idea. Especially because I work out of my home, and am therefore one of the pitiful people who rely on Facebook for interaction with other humans. This could be a tremendous help in working toward staying more accountable, defining what it is I really want to accomplish, and meeting more artists in the area.tumblr_kxrgi3qcoe1qalg37o1_1280_1024x1024
But I must admit, what this has really done is emphasize my ADD.
I spent some time before the first meeting putting together a list. List are wonderful, aren’t they? You feel SO good about yourself while you’re compiling them, but once you look back and realize that all you did by spending time on list-making was justify not actually DOING anything, that feeling fades pretty fast.
I spent an entire evening compiling a list of specific short-term goals, specific mid-term goals, specific long-term goals, and some general things I wanted to put more focus on. I then spent several days revisiting and refining my list.
And tomorrow we meet again and I have to explain (at least to myself, if not to the others) why I have accomplished very little in the studio. And by very little, I mean almost nothing.
I did accomplish a couple of business related items on my list, but without the studio work, the business related items are pretty pointless.
And today, instead of working in the studio, I’m sitting at the computer whining to you.

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