Tuesday, April 15, 2014

~*Happy dance*~


I’m so excited I can’t sit still. I am moving my studio out of my home and into Riverview Station in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC!

In May I will begin gradually moving things into Studio #221, and I should be ready to roll by the first week of June. For those not familiar with Asheville’s River Arts District (RAD), the area contains more than 170 artists with working studios in 22 former industrial buildings along the French Broad River. The studio will provide a much larger working space, a long wall (with track lighting!) for display, an amazing skylight, and some much needed community with other creatives.
Following are some pics I took of the studio on the day I signed up for it. The previous tenant still had some furniture and fixtures in it, but you can get the idea. It is an L-shaped studio with the widest section by the entrance.
Standing in the skinny part of the L looking back at the entrance. The unearthly glow is from the skylight. Might not want to leave any important papers directly under that!


The display wall – the blue paint will be gone before I get in there. It will be painted to match the wider section.


Looking left from the entrance                                                      The hallway outside the studio

One of the cool things about this place is that there is a dog obedience school located in it, so it’s a very dog-friendly space – I can take Gracie with me!
Riverview Station is the first building you come to in the River Arts District if you are coming from Biltmore Villages – the last one if coming from Patton Ave. (the green building in the lower left of the map).
RAD map
I’m planning a grand opening to coincide with the RAD Studio Stroll June 14-15, 2014. I hope you’ll come if you possibly can!
And one last pic – to show you one of the many reasons why I love Asheville so much:

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  1. Wow, LeeAnn! That is exciting news. Recognized my beloved Asheville skyline from your teaser pic. I still haven't gotten a chance to visit the River Arts District. Probably not making it up that way this summer, but when I finally do, I'll look you up. I know you must be beyond excited. Good for you!



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