Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving and new art!

First things first: I’m moving my studio from my home into the River Arts District of Asheville, NC! I’m so incredibly excited over this I can hardly stand myself. We start moving stuff on Saturday. I’ll have regular open studio hours once everything is in – I hope you’ll stop in!

This is the building I’ll be in – it’s at the southwest corner of the River Arts District. My studio is #221. See the other artists in the building and more about Riverview Station here.
RAD map

It’s the green building in the lower left corner.

In art news, I’m getting close to finishing my large black eyed susans, so I’m planning out the next one. Here are some photos I have gathered for inspiration:
dogwood (1 of 1) dogwood via hd wallpapers
dogwood21-18_thumb[1] Dogwood-Tree-Blooms-Spring-Flower1
ForestWander Flowering Dogwood
Although I don’t often draw it out on paper before beginning, I wanted to check the composition, so I have this so far:
It’s a start…

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