Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello? Helloooo……?Daddy_Come_Home_by_Artemis_Twitches

Yeah, I’m still here.  Trying to clean, pack, sort, price for garage sale, find a new home for the dog…

EVERYTHING except working in the studio!

I have made a few trips to the studio, moving cabinets/shelves that won’t fit in our new home but could be useful in the studio, but no glass cutting. I’m not whining….I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it now anyway! After the move, vacation at the beach and a week long visit with my lovely daughter that I don’t see NEARLY enough of…..I’ll be back in the studio. Second or third week of September. Hopefully things will settle enough to let me get lots done. I have a real backlog of ideas that need to get out of my head.

So all I can say for now is,  ~*in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*~

“I’ll be bahk”

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