Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cross-eyed and punch drunk

Wow. The last couple of months went by in a blur. In that time I (we! Thank God for my hard working and ever-patient husband!) have organized a huge garage sale, found a new home for our dog, bought a new car, moved house, been on vacation, and hosted our daughter for a week.  That’s the cross-eyed part. As of this week, I am back in the studio regularly. Now if only I could get my computer back on the job.
I consider myself a bit of a technological anomaly – that is, I am over 50 and neither intimidated by computers or completely inept at making them do what I want.penguin-158551_640
But Dell, you confound me.
I have a wireless printer (Canon), and my suspicion is that it may somehow be interfering with software programs (Adobe Photoshop Elements, a generic publishing program, and now Microsoft Word. Oh, and my PDF creator. All things that interact regularly with the printer….hmm…). Keep in mind, though, that until about 4 months ago, I had no trouble with any of this software (which hasn’t changed) or my printer. Then there is the fact that my external hard drive never would work properly, so I don’t have a decent back-up of photos and files. (I know! What is wrong with me?!?)
The most irritating thing is that these software programs seize up rather randomly. Sometimes I can open them, but as soon as I click on something they seize. Sometimes it will let me work for awhile. And until this week, it seemed the computer fairy had come in and fixed it for me – for about 2 weeks it was smooth sailing. Now Photoshop is total shit soup, the publishing program only seizes up if I forget to save things for too long (well, naturally!), and Word works. Occasionally. I have Open Office Writer as well, but it seems to occasionally seize up too. This is the punch drunk part.
Worst part is that I’m due to put out my next issue of Shattered in less than a week, and I REALLY NEED THAT PUBLISHING PROGRAM TO WORK.
Yeah, yeah, everyone’s computer is a pain in the butt. OK, fair enough. How about some studio pics?
sept 10
This is where I am on the Calla lilies. I had done some of the unfinished flower before leaving for vacation and knew I wasn’t happy with the andamento, but didn’t really have time to deal with it then. I really hate having to leave a rip and redo for later because the longer that thinset stays on there, the tougher it is to get tess up without damaging either the substrate or surrounding tess. Tuesday I ripped out and replaced what I thought would be enough to fix it. Wednesday I realized it wasn’t enough. Today I see I’m still not done fixing things. Bah.
sept 10 detail
I like this view.
Also I have some exhibity things to look forward to, and one I’m still waiting to hear about. More on those later.
Anyway, I’M BAAACCCKK! Hope you enjoyed your quiet time. Winking smile
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