Monday, October 13, 2014

I’m being pursued by purple

I have never been the type to get excited by purple. There are some beautiful shades, but most of them, or at least the lighter ones, leave me feeling a little nauseated. Maybe the darker ones have seemed too pompous – all those poor little snails from Tyre crushed to keep the royalty clothed in the finest shades. I have just made it a practice to walk the other way whenever confronted by purple.
But you know how it can be – you run across something and perhaps rediscover an aspect of it that you’d forgotten about, or maybe just see it with new eyes. All of a sudden it is EVERYWHERE! It’s like when you buy a new car, and suddenly you see that same model on every single road.oct 11
Except that now, not only am I seeing purple everywhere, I’m craving it! Working on the background for The Three Graces, I have brought every single piece of purple glass I have to the worktable. And it’s not enough. I need more shades – more deep, dark, rich purple. And now I’m thinking of scrapping plans for mosaics that I had already sketched in order to do one of morning glories, like the ones I had in my first garden. I think they were called Grandpa Ott’s – gorgeous blue violet purple on the outer petals, red purple – almost magenta – on the inner parts.
Grandpa-Otts-morning-glory-growing_main_banner (1) Morning Glory weeds 1
good morning glory2 morning-glory-vine-2
This might be considered flightiness, or maybe divine inspiration….
Yeah. I’ll go with that one.

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