Friday, November 21, 2014

Craving stillness

The cardinal is finished, and I am ready to ship it off to it’s new home right after Thanksgiving. I’ve become rather fond of this little bird (Notecuz every little thing - gonna be alright ) and I will miss him, but he will be cherished in his new home as a reminder to the family of a loved one they lost a few years ago. It’s wonderful to hear the stories that make up the connection behind why someone loves and wants your artwork.
Berry Christmas NickBerry Christmas
12” x 12”
smalti, stained glass, garnet beads and Carrera marble
Prints will be available very soon – I’ll let you know when they are in. Also, this is the design that will be featured on my annual Christmas ornament. Details on that very soon too!
With the rush to finish the cardinal, planning for travel to visit my family for Thanksgiving and my husband’s for Christmas, not to mention preparing for the Holiday Market on December 5, I find that I am craving stillness. I want to sit in a chair and not move. Not even my brain.
I can’t do that, so I figured the next best thing was to make my next project a still life. Not my usual fare, but this will be enough of a challenge to keep the juices flowing. When preparing to stage the still life, the first item I thought of and wanted to include was a basket by an artist friend of mine, Diane McEachen. She owns Brook Village Basketry and has a studio just down the hall from me. I really hesitated to do that, because the prospect of rendering a woven basket in mosaic was pretty daunting. But I think it’s going to work:
In the interest of saving my sanity, I will leave off the wooden beads and the metal bail handle.
I will keep some of the table top and fade it out chiaroscuro style into the background.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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