Friday, November 7, 2014

Would somebody please stop the world? I need a nap.

Good Lord, I’m exhausted. Tomorrow and the next day are the River Arts District Studio Stroll and I’m not ready. I’m trying to plan for the Holiday Market December 5 and having trouble devoting any real brain power to it.
And in the last week I’ve had two big events and a visit from my brother in law that kept us hopping.
JCCC nov 6
At the Johnson City Country Club last night. Lots of wonderful people showed up to view my work, and the work of the other five Women of the Palette. Best part of the evening? Coming home with an original by Monique Carr!
monique edit
This has slowed down my work on the new mosaic, but it didn’t stop me from selling it! Yay! I’ll have prints of this for the Holiday Market, and it will be the design for this year’s Limited Edition Christmas Ornament.
nov 1 copy
So please, if you could just manage to make the world stop turning for about 12 hours, I’d  be ever so grateful.

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