Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little spring fever, maybe?

OK, so the basket did need some adjustment. I scraped off some of the upper right side and reworked it. Now I’m much happier. However, my photography skills still suck. Slightly blurry photo, but it’s all I managed today, so take it or leave it.
Moving on to the loaf of bread next, and already stressing out over the background. I need to let it go until I get there, because I have plenty of other challenges ahead of me on this one.
I have never let myself work on more than one mosaic at a time, partly because I was afraid pieces would languish and never actually get finished, and partly because of the amount of space the glass I’m using takes up on the table. I take that back – I have two unfinished mosaics in the studio, but they are both more or less ‘abandoned’ for the time being. Unless I get an amazing bolt-of-lightning-style inspiration on how to move forward with them, I don’t like them well enough to finish. But I think I’m going to start another and have something to work on when I feel overwhelmed by the still life (above).Ode on a Dogwood
You may have seen the Facebook thing making the rounds – nominating artists to post pictures of their work for 5 days, and they then nominate others. I was nominated by Dee Ruff and today’s share was my Ode on a Dogwood from several years ago. I miss that piece. I didn’t have a very good camera back then, and the colors came out a little wonky – it’s actually prettier in person than in that photo. Anyway, I believe I’ll do another dogwood mosaic, this time of pink dogwoods.
Many years ago (none of your business how many!) I used to go to the American Quilter’s Society annual convention in Paducah, KY with my grandmother. They don’t have it there anymore, which is a shame, because it coincided with their annual Dogwood Festival. The entire city is full of dogwoods of every color, and they even light them up at night – it looks like something out of a fairy tale! The pink ones were my favorites, because at the time, there were few (or none) near my home in central Indiana. Lots of white ones, but the pinks were really rare.
So after fixing my issues with the still life, the remainder of today was spent sketching a composition for the dogwood blossoms and choosing colors, some of which I’ll have to order.
No pics for you! You must have been bad this week.

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