Monday, January 26, 2015

An update, and a favor to ask

First of all, an update on the Still Life with Lemons that I’m (slowly) working on:
I am at a bit of an impasse on the bottle. I can’t quite determine how the label should be done. I have a couple of options – I can either attempt to cut incredibly thin pieces for the lettering, or I can leave grout spaces where the lettering is, coloring it later with india ink. I’m also not sure whether I want you to actually be able to read the label or not. In the photo I took when I set up the still life, you can actually read it.
But I kinda think I’d prefer that the letters just suggest the name of the winemaker. Not sure exactly how I’d do that anyway, though.
And now for the favor….
Things change so very quickly in the virtual world, it’s a little hard to keep up with it unless you’re in the tech industry. I think it’s time for me to reevaluate the ways I’m trying to reach people to let them know what’s new and newsworthy in the studio. I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut. So if you would PLEASE PLEASE take just a couple of moments to fill out a survey for me I’d be ever so grateful! I promise it won’t take long and doesn’t ask any difficult questions. And of course it’s anonymous, so you can give me hell if you want to. Winking smile
Thank you in advance.

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