Monday, February 2, 2015

Wait…..what’s that?

This piece is really going slowly. I have done a whole lot of cutting and laying out without gluing down, rearranging, cutting some more, gluing, scraping off and starting all over again. I think I’m happy now with the bottle label, although in part that’s because I think it will pull together after it’s grouted.
jan31 copy

And because I was so focused on how the label looked, I never noticed the random piece of glass on top of the loaf of bread until my husband pointed it out. lol

This is par for the course with me. That’s one reason why photography is such a weak skill over here. I can’t tell you how many photos I have taken over the years and then later noticed something in the photo that I would have moved, had I seen it earlier:


Garden hose on the patio…


…ratty old dog toy on the floor, something on the table…


…dog hair tumbleweeds on the rug…


…garden spade on the steps, hose (again) in the background.

Well, no one does everything well, right? 
Yeah, Imma go with that.

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