Monday, May 11, 2015

Livin’ in the Matrix, baby!

This past weekend was the River Arts District Studio Stroll, and Greg and Alex and I spent the whole weekend twiddling our thumbs. My guess is that because the weekend was a whole month earlier than it had been, and because there were so many other things going on (LEAF festival, UNCA graduation, Mother’s Day, and some sort of event downtown that had streets blocked off, although I never found out what it was) – turnout was abysmal.62009578_mtPpj90G

I started a new mosaic while I was there, based on a photo of a plum colored poppy – a scrumptious magenta/purple variety, but I was afraid I would have to make it a different color because that is such a difficult color to find in glass. I have one jar of these



(which are actually darker than they look in this photo) but I can’t make do with a single shade!


I was gifted with 3 boxes full of delicious stained glass by a photographer down the hall yesterday! They had been stored in his basement for god knows how long, so last night I soaked them in soapy water in the bathtub overnight. Today I cleaned and sorted by color, and voila! The Matrix brought me some purple and magenta and pinkyness:

And some big piles of other awesomeness too!

Can’t wait to get to work!

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