Monday, April 9, 2018

Madelyn's Poppies - New Mosaic!

Madelyn's Poppies
24" x 12"
Glass and stone

This mosaic was delivered to a very special lady on Good Friday. My cousin Madelyn had asked for a mosaic of red poppies for her new sun porch.

I have grown red oriental poppies in my gardens, and you'd think that would be my first association with a request for a red poppy mosaic, but I kept thinking of the Flanders poppies that are used for remembrance on Veteran's Day. My uncle, her father, was a WWII veteran so I thought of him every time I worked on it. Madelyn was unaware of the association of poppies and remembrance, and when she happened to run across that information after she commissioned the mosaic, she was especially touched because the room that it is displayed in is full of furniture and special items from her mother, who passed away not too long ago.

This one will always be special for me. 💟

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  1. Your work just gets better! I adore the poppies. The shading in the flowers is amazing - had no idea that the detail and shading could be done like that.

  2. You say the sweetest things! Thank you!

  3. This is just amazing, beautiful work! The depth difference between the two types of tess must have been a bear to manage but it looks flawless.



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