Monday, May 21, 2018

Giverny (homage to Monet)

Finally, something to show you!

I just finished this little piece, another of my Tinies (at only 6" x 6").

Entitled "Giverny (homage to Monet)" it was begun while reading the book Mad Enchantment, about Monet and the painting of the waterlilies.

I actually had no idea how very many paintings of waterlilies he had painted (although I knew there were several). He painted almost nothing else for years, some of the paintings were enormous.

This piece is now available. You can see it at the Kress Emporium, or if you can't make it in there, contact me at or Kress at (828) 281-2252.

Next on the agenda: a monstrously large exterior floor mosaic. Stay tuned for details!

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