Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fall is just around the corner again. I sometimes think "where did the time go?" and yet, when I look back, the past year has been full. Full of travel, full of love, full of good times. It has also been full of some sad things - on my mind particularly is my cousin's illness.

Although I don't usually whine about time passing too quickly, about a year ago my cousin and his wife moved very near us. We had said how much fun it would be to go to a baseball game together in Greenville, SC, as they have a farm team for the Red Sox. But it was also about that time that he was diagnosed with a very serious illness. I just heard that he has been placed in hospice.

We never went to a game, we never visited him at his home, we didn't go to the last family get together at Easter where we could have spent some time with him because we were travelling. So this year, yes, I think that ol' tempus fugit has bitten me in the ass.

He always loved Monet, so I'm told, and his sister just purchased my Giverny mosaic as a gift for him. (I hope I'm not in trouble for telling that, she may not have had the chance to take it to him yet.) I hope he finds comfort in those calm colors and watery lines.

And while I worry about the advance of time in relation to this cousin, I'm also anxious to see my aunt who will be visiting from Australia for several weeks soon. The wheel turns, and somehow we all find a way to cope with the good and the bad. There is always some of both to be found in every life.

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